Numerical modelling is an important component of FASTNEt. The observational dataset collected by the consortium will offer the modelling community a valuable opportunity to test and enhance existing high resolution models of the UK’s shelf edge.

A new parameterisation of exchange processes will be developed using the wealth of data obtained at the various FASTNEt study areas on the shelf edge. This will be tested in regional modelling exercises, helping scientists to understand variability of ocean shelf edge exchange on an inter-annual scale.

Four configurations of the Nucleus for European Modelling of the Ocean (NEMO) central model will be used by the FASTNEt community. These are

  •  A Northern North Atlantic model (NNAM).
  • An eddy permitting model (HRCS) of the whole north west European shelf.
  • A West Coast domain Model (WCM).
  • The Atlantic Margin Model (AMM).

Definitive model output from the FASTNEt consortium will be ingested by BODC and made available via our numerical model data portal.