Land-Ocean Interaction Study (LOIS) - Shelf Edge Study (SES)

Instrument deployment during a LOIS SES cruise
Instrument deployment during a LOIS SES cruise ©

The Land-Ocean Interaction Study (LOIS) was a NERC research programme designed to study processes in the coastal zone.

The Shelf Edge Study (SES) was the part of the LOIS project designed to understand the processes happening in the slope region where the continental shelf and oceanic systems interact.

Fieldwork was carried out on the Hebridean Slope between March 1995 and September 1996. The fieldwork programme consisted of 19 cruise legs. An extensive moored instrument array was maintained throughout the experiment.

What data were collected?

A wide range of physical, chemical and biological parameters were measured from moorings, drifters, cores and shipboard operations.

BODC's role

BODC assembled over 95% of the data sets collected during SES. Once basic quality control procedures had been completed the data set was published on CDROM, complete with extensive data documentation and interface software. Find out how to order the CDROM from our products pages.

The data are stored in our databank and the individual data sets are available on request. Contact BODC's Enquiries Officer for further details.

Land-Ocean Interaction Study