BODC's role

BODC is the NERC Designated Data Centre for digital information arising from the Marine Productivity thematic programme (MarProd). In particular, it has responsibility for the quality control, integration and long-term stewardship of data sets obtained from MarProd supported cruises under Phase 2 of the programme.

The main aims of data management for projects such as MarProd are

  • To facilitate the interchange of data within the project community.
  • To provide advice, and assistance when appropriate, to project scientists in the management, working up and quality assurance of their data.
  • To assemble the project data into a single high quality coherent data set, maintaining the spatial and temporal relationships between the data.
  • To ensure that the data are adequately documented and that reasonable steps are taken to assure their quality.
  • To ensure the final banking and publication of the project data set.

The MarProd project data are assembled into a relational database which will be published on CDROM in September 2005.