Cruise programme

The information has been obtained from cruise/fieldwork reports and project personnel. If you notice any errors, please email us and we will amend our records. If you have data sets which are not held at BODC, please send them to Gwen Moncoiffé.

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  • Download the available cruise reports/diaries by clicking on the Adobe pdf document icon icon.
Cruise ID Start date End date Principal scientist(s)
DI258  Discovery 258 cruise report PDF (7.63 MB) 2001-11-01 2001-12-18 Raymond Pollard
Steve Hay
DI262 Discovery 262 cruise report PDF (3.36 MB) 2002-04-18 2002-05-27 Kelvin Richards
DI264  Discovery 264 cruise report PDF (6.43 MB) 2002-07-25 2002-08-28 Andrew Brierley
DI267 Discovery 267 cruise report PDF (1.92 MB) 2002-11-06 2002-12-18 John Allen
Steve Hay

Additional information

  • Cruise tracks and location of main sampling stations — Graphical representation of the ship's passage for the four cruises.
  • Satellite imagery provided by the NERC Earth Observation Data Acquisition and Analysis Service (NEODAAS) at Plymouth Marine Laboratories (PML)
  • In December 2002 RV Scotia, conducting similar work to the MarProd cruises in the Eastern Atlantic, was able to supplement the project data collection by sampling at some of the stations in the Iceland Basin inaccessible to Discovery. Data are available from two FRS Scotia cruises SCOT1801 and SCOT1802.