Project specific

Presentations given at the UK GLOBEC meeting, 26 February 2004

MarProd is a major UK contribution to the international Global Ocean Ecosystem Dynamics project (GLOBEC), a core project from the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (IGBP). GLOBEC is responsible for understanding how global change will affect the abundance, diversity and productivity of marine populations. Results from MarProd and from other GLOBEC-related UK research activities were presented during a one-day meeting at the Royal Society in London on 26 February 2004.

Standardisation of conversion factors and model parameters within MarProd

You can contribute to MarProd effort in standardising biological conversion factors and model parameters by filling in a MarProd "Fact Sheet" for each of your proposed standards. These fact sheets are intended as a tool to collect researchers' opinions on the best conversion factors and parameters to use. The fact sheets are Excel spreadsheets and are easy to use. To contribute: download the fact sheet, fill it in and return by email to David Montagnes.