Marine Environment Monitoring and Assessment National database (MERMAN)
Location of station  HumWash_HWOpenSeaNE_fi02 (North Dogger 2)
Location of station at North Dogger 2 ©

CSEMP assessment of dde (p,p') in biota at North Dogger 2

Statistical analysis


Media : Biota (Common dab liver)
Station : HumWash_HWOpenSeaNE_fi02 (North Dogger 2)
Determinand : DDE (p,p')
Units : μg kg-1 wet weight
Data extraction : 19 October 2016

Trend assessment

Insufficient data

Status assessment

 Conc fittedConc refLog ratioStd errortPr(>t)
BAC13.405 0.100-4.898 0.253-19.3930.9987


Raw data with supporting information

Raw data with supporting information for assessment of  dde (p,p

Raw data with assessment

Raw data with assessment of  dde (p,p

Assessment plot

Assessment plot for  dde (p,p

Pesticides data

Pesticides data for assessment of  dde (p,p

Pesticides assessment

Pesticides assessment of  dde (p,p

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