CSEMP assessment of ethoxyresorufin-o-deethylase in biota at North Dogger 2

Statistical analysis

Trend assessment

Analysis of variance

 DfAICAICcLog likDevianceChisqChi dfPr(>Chisq)
linear2327.17331.17-159.59319.171.444 10.2294
smooth (df = 2)3328.66335.80-159.33318.660.516 10.4726
smooth (df = 3)4329.23341.23-158.62317.231.421 10.2332

Change in log concentration

 Year startYear endFit startFit endChangeStd errortPr(>|t|)
overall200120154.3373.567-0.7693 0.6210-1.2390.2437
last 20 years200120154.3373.567-0.7693 0.6210-1.2390.2437

Status assessment

 Conc fittedConc refLog ratioStd errortPr(>t)
BAC 35.43147.001.42300.40553.5100.0028


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