CSEMP assessment of CB180 in biota at C1 buoy (Liverpool Bay)

Statistical analysis

Trend assessment

Analysis of variance

 DfAICAICcLog likDevianceChisqChi dfPr(>Chisq)
linear2102.44107.77-47.2294.440.992 10.3193
smooth (df = 2)3101.57111.57-45.7991.572.866 10.0904
smooth (df = 3)4102.76120.76-45.3890.760.812 10.3676

Change in log concentration

 Year startYear endFit startFit endChangeStd errortPr(>|t|)
last 20 years199920123.2583.6200.36210.34631.0450.3264

Status assessment

 Conc fittedConc refLog ratioStd errortPr(>t)
BAC37.35 0.11-5.828 0.209-27.9001.0000
EAC37.3575.04 0.698 0.209 3.3400.0051


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