CSEMP assessment of pyrene in sediment at SE of Bressay (Shetland)

Statistical analysis

Trend assessment

Analysis of variance

 DfAICAICcLog likDevianceChisqChi dfPr(>Chisq)
linear2104.77115.43-48.3896.770.016 10.8994
smooth (df = 2)3106.77131.77-48.3896.770.000 10.9933

Change in log concentration

 Year startYear endFit startFit endChangeStd errortPr(>|t|)
overall200620161.97101.8692-0.1018 0.8048-0.1260.9043
last 20 years200620161.97101.8692-0.1018 0.8048-0.1260.9043

Status assessment

 Conc fittedConc refLog ratioStd errortPr(>t)
BAC 6.5 24.01.3090.5132.5520.0256
ERL 6.5665.04.6310.5139.0300.0001


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