CSEMP assessment of c1 dibenzothiophene in sediment at inner (Firth of Clyde)

Statistical analysis

Trend assessment

Analysis of variance

 DfAICAICcLog likDevianceChisqChi dfPr(>Chisq)
linear2176.15181.49-84.08168.151.721 10.1895
smooth (df = 2)3177.93187.93-83.97167.930.221 10.6384
smooth (df = 3)4179.86197.86-83.93167.860.069 10.7924

Change in log concentration

 Year startYear endFit startFit endChangeStd errortPr(>|t|)
last 20 years200920183.2434.2851.04200.75891.3730.2070

Status assessment

No assessment criteria


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