CSEMP assessment of nickel in sediment at Off Tyne

Statistical analysis

Trend assessment

Analysis of variance

 DfAICAICcLog likDevianceChisqChi dfPr(>Chisq)
linear265.9469.14-28.9757.944.030 10.0447
smooth (df = 2)366.8372.38-28.4156.831.114 10.2913
smooth (df = 3)468.0977.09-28.0556.090.731 10.3925

Change in log concentration

 Year startYear endFit startFit endChangeStd errortPr(>|t|)
last 20 years199920173.0954.0370.94230.43502.1670.0511

Status assessment

 Conc fittedConc refLog ratioStd errortPr(>t)
BAC56.6836.00-0.4538 0.2664-1.7030.9429


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