Marine Ecosystems Research Programme (MERP)

MERP programme leaflet
MERP Programme Leaflet ©

The Marine Ecosystems Research Programme will address key knowledge gaps in marine ecosystem research. Existing data will be combined with new data collected from research cruises and integrated into current models and knowledge of ecosystem services in order to improve understanding of the whole UK marine ecosystem.

To find out more about MERP, please use the following links.

Introduction - An introduction to MERP.

Project Overview - A brief look at the aims of the project.

Official Website - Link to the official MERP webpages.

Data submission - Guidelines on submitting MERP data to BODC.

BODC processing - Information on how BODC processes MERP data.

Cruise Programme - Inventory of MERP cruises.

Models - Guide to model runs used as part of MERP.

Data inventories -Access to inventories of all MERP data.

Data delivery - How to access MERP data.

Other links - Links to relevant pages.