Data inventories

A provisional inventory of data sets collected has been created in order to keep participants informed about the status of data processing.

Click on the relevant identifier in the table below to view the inventory for each particular activity. The information has been obtained from cruise and fieldwork reports and cruise personnel. If you notice any errors, please tell us and we will amend our records. If you have data sets which are not held at BODC, please send them to Gwen Moncoiffé.

Activity Type Source Period Location
RRS Charles Darwin CD132 (AMBITION)  View report for RRS Charles Darwin CD132 (AMBITION) (3.72 MB)CruiseBurkill Peter2001-08-312001-09-29NW Indian Ocean (Arabian Sea)
PPOT_07Freshwater sampling programmeCavalier-Smith Tom2001-06-012004-05-31English Lake District, Cumbria, NW England, UK
PPOT_01Freshwater sampling programmeMaberly Stephen2002-01-292004-09-30English Lake District, Cumbria, NW England, UK
PPOT_05Freshwater sampling programmeSaunders Jon2002-02-012005-05-03English Lake District, Cumbria, NW England, UK
PPOT_02Freshwater sampling programmeWilson Willie2002-03-262003-04-08English Lake District, Cumbria, NW England, UK
PPOT_03aFreshwater sampling programmeHayes Paul2002-06-182002-06-18English Lake District, Cumbria, NW England, UK
PPOT_04Freshwater sampling programmeDavison William2002-08-022002-10-02English Lake District, Cumbria, NW England, UK
PPOT_09Freshwater sampling programmeParkes R John2002-08-072003-08-06English Lake District, Cumbria, NW England, UK
PPOT_03bFreshwater sampling programmeHayes Paul2003-05-062004-03-09English Lake District, Cumbria, NW England, UK
PPOT_06Freshwater sampling programmeCurtis Tom2003-06-052004-10-31English Lake District, Cumbria, NW England, UK
PPOT_08Freshwater sampling programmeFinlay Bland2003-12-31English Lake District, Cumbria, NW England, UK
L4_MFMB_01Other activity or sample sourceMann Nick H1992-09-231992-09-23Plymouth Marine Laboratory L4 station (surface water), English Channel, UK
BULL_ET_ALOther activity or sample sourceBull Alan T1996-08-212002-06-19Norway, Nordic Seas, and Pacific Ocean
EMBLEY_ET_ALOther activity or sample sourceEmbley Martin2000-10-012003-09-30Colne river, estuary and Colne Point saltmarsh, E England, UK
CD126_MFMBOther activity or sample sourceBull Alan T2001-03-112001-03-20Atlantic Ocean (Canary Basin) on RRS Charles Darwin 126, PSO DG Masson (SOC, UK)
CAVALIER-SMITH_ET_ALOther activity or sample sourceCavalier-Smith Tom2001-06-012004-05-31Valamo Lake (Russia) and Nivaa Bay (Denmark)
MURRELL_ET_ALOther activity or sample sourceMurrell J Colin2001-07-062001-09-17Seawater tank L4 station Plymouth England and Achmelvich Bay Scotland
CD132_XOther activity or sample sourceZubkov Mike2001-08-212001-08-29Indian Ocean Durban-Seychelles (pre-cruise passage leg)
FINLAY_ET_AL_spainOther activity or sample sourceFinlay Bland2001-09-012003-04-30Hypersaline lagoon and salt pans, Spain
KELL_ET_ALOther activity or sample sourceKell Douglas2002-01-012002-12-31Coastal sediments from Aberystwyth North beach, Wales, UK
PARKES_ET_AL_fwOther activity or sample sourceParkes R John2002-01-012003-12-31Freshwater environments in England and Wales (11 sites including Esthwaite Lake)
PARKES_ET_AL_marOther activity or sample sourceParkes R John2002-01-012003-12-31Estuary and saltmarsh env. in England and Wales (7 sites including Erme estuary)
FINLAY_ET_AL_CglauOther activity or sample sourceFinlay Bland2002-01-012003-12-31UK, South America, USA, Spain, Antarctica, Thailand, Australia, Russia, Denmark
DI261_MFMBOther activity or sample sourceTurley Carol2002-04-012002-04-14English Channel to NE Atlantic shelf break (PML RRS Discovery 261 cruise)
CWP_aOther activity or sample sourceHayes Paul2002-04-162002-08-12Cotswold Water Park, Gloucestershire, W England, UK
AP_aOther activity or sample sourceHayes Paul2002-07-222002-07-22Abbots Pool, Somerset, SW England, UK
CWP_03bOther activity or sample sourceHayes Paul2003-04-162004-01-07Cotswold Water Park, Gloucestershire, W England, UK
LD_03bOther activity or sample sourceHayes Paul2003-05-082004-02-05English Lake District, Cumbria, NW England, UK
CD146_MFMBOther activity or sample sourceBull Alan T2003-05-102003-05-27Indian Ocean (Indus Rise) on RRS Charles Darwin 146, PSO G Cowie (U Edinburgh)
LD_06Other activity or sample sourceCurtis Tom2003-06-062004-10-31English Lake District, Cumbria, NW England, UK
BELT_ET_ALOther activity or sample sourceBelt Simon T2004-01-012005-03-31South Devon estuaries, SW England, UK
WEIGHTMAN_ET_AL_estOther activity or sample sourceWeightman AndrewTamar and Severn estuaries, SW England, UK
L4_MFMB_03Other activity or sample sourceWilson WilliePlymouth Marine Laboratory L4 station, English Channel, UK
BURGESS_ET_ALOther activity or sample sourceBurgess GrantNot available (biofilm sample collections for laboratory experiments)
WEIGHTMAN_ET_AL_coastOther activity or sample sourceWeightman AndrewCoastal and brackish environments of Cardiff Bay, Beaulieu and Arne, UK
WILSON_ET_ALOther activity or sample sourceWilson WillieMarine environment (culture- and mesocosm-based work)
WEIGHTMAN_ET_AL_deepOther activity or sample sourceWeightman AndrewNankai Trough, Japan (ODP 190), Peru margin (ODB 201), Chile margin (PUCK SO156)
PURDY_ET_ALOther activity or sample sourcePurdy KevinColne estuary, E England, UK
JOINT_ET_ALOther activity or sample sourceJoint IanWembury beach, Devon, SW England, UK (50deg18N 04deg05W)
GOODFELLOW_ET_ALOther activity or sample sourceGoodfellow MikeNot available (deepsea sediments)
FRY_ET_ALOther activity or sample sourceFry John2003-09-30Cardiff coastal waters, S Wales, UK
FINLAY_ET_AL_nivaaOther activity or sample sourceFinlay Bland2003-12-31Nivaa Bay, Denmark
TURLEY_ET_ALOther activity or sample sourceTurley CarolTamar, Fal and Erme estuaries, SW England, UK