Marine and freshwater microbial biodiversity (M&FMB)

Data set inventory

Other activity or sample source — DI261 MFMB

Information has been obtained from reports and personnel. If you notice any errors, please tell us and we will amend our records. If you have data sets which are not held at BODC, please send them to Gwen Moncoiffé.

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Bacterial abundance by flow cytometry (English Channel)Carol TurleyReceived
Bacterial community composition using CTAB extraction and PCR-DGGEGary Smerdon and Carol TurleyData set overdue — was expected 2006-08-01
Bacterial production data by incorporation of 3H-leucine (English Channel)Carol TurleyReceived
Dissolved zinc concentrations (instrument fault, no data)Carol TurleyData not expected
Phytoplankton and bacterioplankton cycling of Cd, Mn and ZnCarol TurleyData set overdue — was expected 2004-06-01
Time-course of bacterial number and production in zinc addition experiments.Joanna Dixon and Carol TurleyReceived