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Priest Pot 

Sampling at Priest Pot
Sampling at Priest Pot ©

Priest Pot is a Site of Special Scientific Interest located in the Lake District National Park, UK. It is the focus of the freshwater research for the M&FMB programme due to its diverse range of microbial life (at least 850 taxa) and the wide range of environmental conditions in a manageable sampling area. Since January 2002, over ten thousand depth profiles of physical, chemical, biological and process-based measurements have been made at Priest Pot, providing detailed information of temporal and spatial conditions in the lake.

For more information, contact Stephen Maberly at The Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH), Lancaster.

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AMBITION: Analysing the Microbial Biodiversity of the Indian Ocean

RRS Charles Darwin
RRS Charles Darwin ©

RRS Charles Darwin Cruise (CD132), 30 August - 29 September, 2001.

Sampling and experiments were carried out in the Indian Ocean at 11 sites between The Seychelles and Oman. Information was collected on the community structure of bacteria and phytoplankton and their relationship to environmental conditions such as levels of nitrates, oxygen and photosynthetic pigments.

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