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Scientists are striving to improve their understanding of the Earth’s environment. There has been major investment in the curation and maintenance of quality data archives as data are fundamental to the advancement of knowledge. Finding and accessing these data resources are key components of many aspects of science.

What is NERC DataGrid?

Our challenge is to build a grid which makes data discovery, delivery and use much easier than it is now. It is intended to make the connection between data held in managed archives and data held by individual research groups seamless in such a way that the same tools can be used to compare and manipulate data from both sources.

What will be completely new will be the ability to compare and contrast data from an extensive range of (US, European, UK, NERC) data sets from within one specific context or application.

Project funding and participants

The project is jointly funded by the Natural Environment Research Council and the national e-Science core programme. It will initially concentrate on oceanographic and atmospheric data, with a technology plan aiming to support data from the wider environmental science community.

The NERC DataGrid project team includes staff from BODC, the British Atmospheric Data Centre (BADC) and the Science and Technology Facilities Council e-Science Centre with close collaboration with the US Earth System Grid (ESG) team.

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