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Information about RAPID and RAPID-WATCH cruises and associated data sets can be found here. The current cruise programme for RAPID and RAPID-WATCH projects is shown in the table below.

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RRS Discovery D277  View report for RRS Discovery D277 (4.43 MB)Stuart A Cunningham2004-02-262004-03-16Eastern Atlantic, Mid Atlantic Ridge
RRS Discovery D278  View report for RRS Discovery D278 (4.43 MB)Stuart A Cunningham2004-03-192004-03-30Western Atlantic
RRS Discovery D279  View report for RRS Discovery D279 (8.34 MB)Stuart A Cunningham2004-04-042004-05-10Trans-Atlantic
RV Oceanus OC401  View report for RV Oceanus OC401 (0.04 MB)John M Toole2004-04-282004-05-06Western Atlantic, Line W
RRS Charles Darwin CD159  View report for RRS Charles Darwin CD159 (7.06 MB)Nick McCave2004-07-012004-07-30North Atlantic: Scotland to Newfoundland
RRS Charles Darwin CD160  View report for RRS Charles Darwin CD160 (2.82 MB)Mike Meredith2004-08-042004-08-24Western Atlantic
RV Cape Hatteras KZ1204  View report for RV Cape Hatteras KZ1204 (0.20 MB)Terrence Joyce2004-09-042004-09-12Cape Cod
NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown RB0408Christopher S Meinen2004-09-222004-10-03Western Atlantic
PO319_RStuart A Cunningham2004-12-112004-12-11Eastern Atlantic on Poseidon 319 PSO Goetz Ruhland
RRS Charles Darwin CD170  View report for RRS Charles Darwin CD170 (6.32 MB)Stuart A Cunningham2005-04-022005-04-27Eastern and Mid-Atlantic
RV Oceanus OC411  View report for RV Oceanus OC411 (1.12 MB)John M Toole2005-04-262005-05-04Western Atlantic, Line W
RV Knorr KN182_2  View report for RV Knorr KN182_2 (6.32 MB)  View report for RV Knorr KN182_2 (0.92 MB)William E Johns2005-05-022005-05-26Western Atlantic 26-27N
RV G.O. Sars 2005109 (GS140-05)  View report for RV G.O. Sars 2005109 (GS140-05) (4.65 MB)Haflidi Haflidason2005-06-302005-07-14North Sea region
RRS Discovery D298  View report for RRS Discovery D298 (2.75 MB)Sheldon Bacon2005-08-232005-09-25Cape Farewell, N. Atlantic
RV Pelagia PE240  View report for RV Pelagia PE240 (2.74 MB)Harry Elderfield2005-09-072005-10-05Irminger Sea
NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown RB0504Christopher S Meinen2005-09-112005-09-24Western Atlantic
RV Oceanus OC417  View report for RV Oceanus OC417 (0.12 MB)Ruth Curry2005-10-122005-10-18Western Atlantic, Line W
RRS Charles Darwin CD177  View report for RRS Charles Darwin CD177 (1.10 MB)Stuart A Cunningham2005-11-122005-11-29Eastern Atlantic
NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown RB0602  View report for NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown RB0602 (4.80 MB)  View report for NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown RB0602 (0.74 MB)Molly O Baringer2006-03-092006-03-28Western Atlantic 26-27N
RV Oceanus OC421  View report for RV Oceanus OC421 (0.49 MB)John M Toole2006-04-052006-04-15Western Atlantic, Line W
RRS Discovery D304  View report for RRS Discovery D304 (4.80 MB)Torsten Kanzow2006-05-122006-06-06Eastern and Mid-Atlantic
RRS Discovery D308  View report for RRS Discovery D308 (4.97 MB)Miguel Angel M Maqueda2006-07-242006-08-15Western Atlantic
RRS Discovery D309-310  View report for RRS Discovery D309-310 (3.10 MB)Sheldon Bacon2006-08-182006-09-05Irminger Sea
RV Seward Johnson SJ-14-06  View report for RV Seward Johnson SJ-14-06 (0.29 MB)William E Johns2006-09-252006-10-12Western Atlantic 26-27N
FS Poseidon PO343  View report for FS Poseidon PO343 (3.56 MB)Torsten Kanzow2006-10-042006-10-17Eastern Atlantic
RV Oceanus OC432  View report for RV Oceanus OC432 (0.12 MB)Ruth Curry2006-10-192006-10-26Western Atlantic, Line W
RV G.O. Sars 2006117 (GS-06-146)  View report for RV G.O. Sars 2006117 (GS-06-146) (1.27 MB)Atle Nygård2006-11-262006-12-02North Sea region
FS Poseidon PO345  View report for FS Poseidon PO345 (3.56 MB)Stuart A Cunningham2006-11-282006-12-07Eastern Atlantic
NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown RB0701  View report for NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown RB0701 (1.80 MB)Molly O Baringer2007-03-222007-04-10Western Atlantic 26-27N
RV Oceanus OC436  View report for RV Oceanus OC436 (0.38 MB)Ruth Curry2007-04-072007-04-15Western Atlantic, Line W
CCGS Hudson HUD07045 Leg1  View report for CCGS Hudson HUD07045 Leg1 (0.63 MB)Erica Head2007-09-282007-10-01Western Atlantic
RV Endeavor EN440  View report for RV Endeavor EN440 (0.21 MB)John Toole2007-10-012007-10-09Western Atlantic, Line W
CCGS Hudson HUD07045 Leg2  View report for CCGS Hudson HUD07045 Leg2 (0.63 MB)Erica Head2007-10-052007-10-10Western Atlantic
RRS Discovery D324  View report for RRS Discovery D324 (3.58 MB)Stuart A Cunningham2007-10-062007-11-09Eastern and Mid-Atlantic
RV Seward Johnson SJ-08-03 Leg 1  View report for RV Seward Johnson SJ-08-03 Leg 1 (1.36 MB)William E Johns2008-04-042008-04-20Western Atlantic
RV Seward Johnson SJ-08-03 Leg 2  View report for RV Seward Johnson SJ-08-03 Leg 2 (4.57 MB)Torsten Kanzow2008-04-222008-04-30Western Atlantic
RV Oceanus OC446  View report for RV Oceanus OC446 (0.11 MB)John Toole2008-05-102008-05-19Western Atlantic, Line W
Unknown fishing vessel UnknownChristopher S Meinen2008-06-242008-06-24Western Atlantic
RV Endeavor EN454  View report for RV Endeavor EN454 (0.11 MB)John Toole2008-09-182008-09-24Western Atlantic, Line W
RV Cape Hatteras CH0708  View report for RV Cape Hatteras CH0708 (2.28 MB)Christopher S Meinen2008-09-262008-10-03Western Atlantic
CCGS Hudson HUD08037 Leg1  View report for CCGS Hudson HUD08037 Leg1 (0.55 MB)Erica Head2008-09-282008-10-06Western Atlantic
CCGS Hudson HUD08037 Leg2  View report for CCGS Hudson HUD08037 Leg2 (0.55 MB)Erica Head2008-10-072008-10-13Western Atlantic
CCGS Hudson HUD08037 Leg3  View report for CCGS Hudson HUD08037 Leg3 (0.55 MB)Erica Head2008-10-142008-10-21Western Atlantic
RRS Discovery D334  View report for RRS Discovery D334 (4.29 MB)Stuart A Cunningham2008-10-272008-11-24Eastern and Mid-Atlantic
NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown RB0901  View report for NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown RB0901 (5.31 MB)Christopher S Meinen2009-04-162009-05-05Western Atlantic 26-27N
RV Oceanus OC452  View report for RV Oceanus OC452 (0.06 MB)John Toole2009-06-092009-06-13Western Atlantic, Line W
Cornide de Saavedra RADPROF0809  View report for Cornide de Saavedra RADPROF0809 (1.53 MB)Guillermo Diaz del Rio2009-08-112009-08-22Eastern Atlantic
RV Endeavor EN466  View report for RV Endeavor EN466 (0.24 MB)Terrence Joyce2009-08-312009-09-10Western Atlantic, Line W
CCGS Hudson HUD09048 Leg1  View report for CCGS Hudson HUD09048 Leg1 (1.20 MB)Ed Horne2009-09-262009-10-03Western Atlantic
RRS Discovery D344  View report for RRS Discovery D344 (10.27 MB)Stuart A Cunningham2009-10-212009-11-18Eastern and Mid-Atlantic
RRS Discovery D345  View report for RRS Discovery D345 (0.25 MB)William E Johns2009-11-212009-12-06Western Atlantic
RRS Discovery D346  View report for RRS Discovery D346 (7.22 MB)Brian A King2010-01-052010-02-19Trans-Atlantic
RV Oceanus OC459-1  View report for RV Oceanus OC459-1 (4.83 MB)  View report for RV Oceanus OC459-1 (0.94 MB)Christopher S Meinen2010-03-232010-04-04Western Atlantic
RV Oceanus OC459-2  View report for RV Oceanus OC459-2 (0.94 MB)Christopher S Meinen2010-04-062010-04-17Western Atlantic
Cornide de Saavedra RADPROF0910  View report for Cornide de Saavedra RADPROF0910 (0.10 MB)Guillermo Diaz del Rio2010-08-302010-09-01Eastern Atlantic
RV Atlantis AT17  View report for RV Atlantis AT17 (0.14 MB)John Toole2010-10-092010-10-24Western Atlantic, Line W
NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown RB1009Albert J Plueddemann2010-11-282010-12-19Western Atlantic 26-27N
CCGS Hudson HUD10049  View report for CCGS Hudson HUD10049 (0.32 MB)Ed Horne2010-12-152010-12-21Western Atlantic
RRS Discovery D359  View report for RRS Discovery D359 (5.51 MB)Stuart A Cunningham2010-12-172011-01-14Eastern and Mid-Atlantic
RV Knorr KN200-4  View report for RV Knorr KN200-4 (5.63 MB)Eleanor Frajka-Williams2011-04-132011-05-03Western Atlantic
José Rioja RADSAN 2011  View report for José Rioja RADSAN 2011 (0.02 MB)Miguel Angel M Maqueda2011-07-222011-07-22Eastern Atlantic
RRS James Cook JC063  View report for RRS James Cook JC063 (89.00 MB)Stuart A Cunningham2011-09-012011-09-10Eastern and Mid-Atlantic
RRS James Cook JC064  View report for RRS James Cook JC064 (89.00 MB)Stuart A Cunningham2011-09-102011-10-09Eastern and Mid-Atlantic
CCGS Hudson HUD11043 Leg1  View report for CCGS Hudson HUD11043 Leg1 (0.72 MB)  View report for CCGS Hudson HUD11043 Leg1 (1.15 MB)Erica Head2011-09-232011-10-01Western Atlantic
NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown RB1201  View report for NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown RB1201 (67.50 MB)Darren Rayner2012-02-152012-03-05Western Atlantic
José Rioja 2012  View report for José Rioja 2012 (0.02 MB)Miguel Angel M Maqueda2012-08-092012-08-09Eastern Atlantic
RV Endeavor EN517  View report for RV Endeavor EN517 (1.59 MB)William E Johns2012-09-242012-10-10Western Atlantic
RRS Discovery D382  View report for RRS Discovery D382 (13.96 MB)Gerard McCarthy2012-10-082012-11-24Trans-Atlantic
CCGS Hudson HUD13004 Leg1  View report for CCGS Hudson HUD13004 Leg1 (1.17 MB)  View report for CCGS Hudson HUD13004 Leg1 (4.54 MB)Dave Hebert2013-04-042013-04-12Western Atlantic
RV Atlantic Explorer AE1404  View report for RV Atlantic Explorer AE1404 (2.00 MB)William E Johns2014-03-152014-03-31Western Atlantic
RRS James Cook JC103  View report for RRS James Cook JC103 (89.57 MB)David Smeed2014-04-232014-06-03Trans-Atlantic
RV Endeavor EN551Molly Baringer2015-02-142015-02-27Western Atlantic
RV Endeavor EN570  View report for RV Endeavor EN570 (0.91 MB)William E Johns2015-10-032015-10-19Western Atlantic
RRS Discovery DY039  View report for RRS Discovery DY039 (130.91 MB)Darren Rayner2015-10-172015-12-01Trans-Atlantic
RV Endeavor EN574Molly Baringer2016-02-162016-02-29Western Atlantic
RRS James Cook JC145  View report for RRS James Cook JC145 (14.22 MB)David Smeed2017-02-282017-04-08Trans-Atlantic



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