Data delivery

Access to data is currently restricted to RAPID participants and data will not be provided to parties outside the programme without the explicit written agreement from the data originator. Please see the RAPID data policy for further details. Data supplied by BODC are for the use of the enquirer only and must not be given to third parties. Non-RAPID participants will be required to sign a licence agreement Example of licence agreement in PDF (160 KB) governing acceptable use of the data.

Requests for data from oceanographic or palaeo sampling should be directed to Robin McCandliss at BODC. Large requests (e.g. CTD data) will be accessible via FTP server or copied to CDROM, while data for small requests may be sent as an email attachment.

Model output archived at the RAPID Data Centre (RDC) and realtime data from the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (RAPID-MOC) monitoring array at 26.5°N are available to authorised participants and can be downloaded online.

Rapid Climate Change