Data inventories

Palaeo sampling — ELDERFIELD ET AL

The inventories may include data collected by other projects in collaboration with the RAPID programme. They may also include data that are not funded by RAPID but are being used by RAPID project investigators, for example the Florida Strait cable data. These data sets are indicated as third party data in the data set description field of the inventories. Palaeo sampling does not form part of the continuation programme RAPID-WATCH.

Information has been obtained from reports and project scientists. If you notice any errors, please tell us and we will amend our records.

Data set description Source Status
B/Ca measurements from marine core top foraminifera (various locations), together with associated bottom water temperature, pH, carbonate ion saturation, oxygen isotope and boron dataHarry ElderfieldReceived
Mg/Ca and B/Ca ratios measured in foraminifera down marine cores NEAP 8K and BOFS (5K, 8K, 10K, 11K and 17K)Harry ElderfieldReceived
Mg/Ca ratios from foraminifera (C. mundulus and C. wuellerstorfi) in marine core tops, together with associated bottom water temperature, salinity and carbonate ion saturation dataHarry ElderfieldReceived
Profiled data from marine core NIOP929 (Arabian Sea): Mg/Ca and alkenone unsaturation ratios with derived temperature estimates, planktonic foraminifera Del 18O measurements, 14C agesHarry ElderfieldReceived
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