Rapid Climate Change (RAPID and RAPID-WATCH)

Data submission

The following gives information about submitting RAPID and RAPID-WATCH data to the RAPID Data Centre (RDC).

Data from models

Submit model output to the British Atmospheric Data Centre (BADC). Contact Kevin Marsh if you require assistance.

Data from measurements

All data resulting from sampling (including palaeo, oceanographic, geophysical, terrestrial and freshwater) should be submitted to BODC. Follow the links below for more information.

  1. Introduction
  2. Sending data
  3. File formats
  4. Accompanying information

1. Introduction

In general BODC rely on the expertise of the data originators to supply fully processed, quality controlled data sets with supporting comprehensive metadata.

When data analysis has been completed, please send a copy of each data set to BODC. The following is a summary of the submission process. More detailed guidance on how to prepare a submission is provided here.

2. Sending data

You can submit RAPID and RAPID-WATCH data in the following ways

If none of the methods listed are suitable, please contact us to determine a method.

3. Formats

We can accept most file formats. Excel files or text files are the most commonly used. Please ask if you are unsure whether we can deal with your file format. For Sea-Bird CTD data please send raw versions of all Sea-Bird files, as well as the processed versions.

4. Accompanying information

Please ensure that the following information is in or linked to the data files

IMPORTANT — Please include in Word or text document

With prior arrangement BODC has the capacity to process some data types on behalf of the project. In this case raw data files can be submitted to BODC for processing. It must be stressed that BODC does not have the resource to process raw data without specific agreement. Unprocessed data cannot readily be incorporated into the relational database system and distribution is limited to copies of the original files via a data set inventory. In the case of NERC funded research the submission of unprocessed data to a national data centre does not meet the data management criteria of the grant.


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