Mooring deployment
Mooring deployment ©

Information about RAPID and RAPID-WATCH moored instrument arrays can be found here.

The majority of moorings deployed during the RAPID programme are for projects that are monitoring the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (MOC).

The MOC component of RAPID specifically focuses on measuring and modelling the thermohaline circulation in the North Atlantic.

Projects that have moorings and are not part of the MOC will address the broader science objectives of RAPID.

MOC mooring arrays

Array 26.5°N 38-43°N
Project title RAPID-MOC WAVE
PI Stuart Cunningham Chris Hughes
Description Sites across western Atlantic, Mid Atlantic Ridge and eastern Atlantic Mooring lines along western Atlantic margin
Measurements Temperature, salinity, currents and pressure time series Temperature, salinity, currents and pressure time series
Deployments 26.5°N deployments 38-43°N deployments
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