RAPID Data Centre's role

The RAPID Data Centre (RDC) will provide the data management to promote data sharing and collaboration between projects and to ensure that RAPID and RAPID-WATCH data are stored safely for long term use.

The RDC consists of the NERC designated data centres for atmospheric and oceanographic data

  • The British Atmospheric Data Centre (BADC)
  • The British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC)

The RDC web site provides a central point for programme participants to access information related to data collection and modelling activities being carried out by other RAPID and RAPID-WATCH projects. The aim is to assemble a high quality, well documented data set at the end of each programme for use by the scientific community beyond the life of the programmes.

The division of labour within the RDC is broadly as follows


  • The quality control, documentation, integration and long-term stewardship of observational data sets arising from the RAPID and RAPID-WATCH programmes will be undertaken at BODC
  • Observational data will result from fieldwork in marine, sea-bed, ice, coral, bog, lake and cave environments
  • The main contact for these types of data is Robin McCandliss


  • Model output will be archived at BADC and available online to RAPID and RAPID-WATCH participants
  • Model data will include atmosphere, ocean, cryosphere, coupled ocean-atmosphere, palaeo climate and statistical
  • The main contact for model data is Kevin Marsh
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