Data delivery

UK-OSNAP observational data (moorings/gliders) is subject to a two-year embargo from acquisition. After this the data is open and available to all.

Once they have been received and ingested into the database many of the data sets collected as part of UK-OSNAP will be made available online via the National Oceanographic Database (NODB) 'all data series' data delivery application. Further information about the status of particular data sets is provided in the UK-OSNAP cruise data inventory.

To download data, you are required to be a registered BODC web user. If you have already registered, please log in when asked. Alternatively, please register to become a new user. Simply provide a few details and you will be eligible to download these data, subject to the data policy.

All data from the combined international OSNAP program, including the UK-OSNAP data will be loaded into a web-accessible database maintained at Duke University, with oversight from the OSNAP steering committee.