UK Ocean Acidification (UKOA)

Data delivery

Core CTD and underway data

The CTD profiles and continuous underway ship's data from the UKOA cruises will be made available online via the National Oceanographic Database (NODB) 'all data series' data delivery application once they have been received and ingested into the database. Further information about the status of these data is provided in the UKOA cruise data inventory. These data are freely available to UKOA participants and the wider scientific community.

To download these data, you are required to be a registered BODC web user. If you have already registered, please log in when asked. Alternatively, please register to become a new user. Simply provide a few details and you will be eligible to download these data.

Other UKOA data

  • Check data availability and processing status via the UKOA data inventories.
  • Access to all other UKOA data are restricted to UKOA participants according to the time scales and conditions laid out in the UKOA Data Policy document.
  • Note that whilst data are restricted BODC will follow the conditions for delivery to UKOA participants or interested parties as specified in the Data Policy.
  • Requests for the data should be directed to Rob Thomas at BODC.

Rules regulating data exchange and usage are available from the UKOA Data Policy. In particular, UKOA participants and interested parties are reminded that

  • Data supplied by BODC are for the use of the enquirer only and must not be sent to any third parties.
  • The source of the data (scientist responsible) must be acknowledged in any resulting publications.
  • All data are released under licence and users must sign a licence agreement governing the acceptable use of the data.
UK Ocean Acidification Research Programme