Data delivery

Access to UK SOLAS data is subject to the terms of NERC policy. Please see the UK SOLAS data policy for further details.

UK SOLAS data supplied by the UK SOLAS Data Centre are for the use of the enquirer only. Data must not be passed to third parties. Non-participants of UK SOLAS will be required to sign a license agreement governing acceptable use of the data Example of a licence agreement in PDF (196 KB).

For details of the ship-based data sets assembled at BODC, see the data inventories. The inventories for individual cruises can be accessed through the cruise programme page. Requests for ship-based data should be addressed to Jenny Andrew at BODC. Large requests are available via FTP server or copied to CDROM, while data for small requests may be sent as an email attachment.

Data from aircraft campaigns, land-based measurements and model output are available to authorised participants and may be downloaded online.

UK Surface Ocean - Lower Atmosphere Study