UK Surface Ocean - Lower Atmosphere Study (UK SOLAS)

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Cruise — RRS Discovery D319

The table below is dynamically generated from BODC databases and consequently should be up to date. Please report any errors or omissions to Jenny Andrew. A full list of all main project related data sets is accessible from the main data inventories or cruise programme pages.

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Aerosol particle growth factors by hygroscopicity tandem differential mobility analyser (HTDMA)James Allan et al.Received
Air-sea fluxes of sensible heat, latent heat, momentum and CO2, computed from Autoflux measurementsBen I Moat et al.Data set overdue — was expected 2010-12-31
Atmospheric concentration of black (elemental) carbon by multi angle absorption photometer (MAAP)James Allan et al.Received
Atmospheric concentration of molecular iodine (I2) by broadband cavity enhanced absorption spectrometer (BBCEAS)Anna Marie Hollingsworth and Stephen BallData not expected
Atmospheric concentrations of iodine monoxide (IO) and nitrate (NO3) radicals by broadband cavity enhanced absorption spectrometerAilsa Benton and Roderic L JonesData not expected
Atmospheric concentrations of iodine monoxide (IO) radicals by the fluorescence assay with gas expansion (FAGE) technique using laser-induced fluorescence (LIF).Trevor Ingham et al.Received
Atmospheric concentrations of O3 by uv absorption, and NO and NO2 by chemiluminescence detectionJames Lee and Sarah MollerReceived
Atmospheric halocarbon concentrations by GCMS and thermal desorptionRachel M Dunk et al.Received
Bottle salinity by bench salinometer from surface underway bottle samplesGordon McFiggans and Martin BridgerReceived
Chemical composition of size-resolved aerosol samples from compact cascade impactor (CCI)James Allan et al.Received
Critical supersaturation of potential cloud particle seeds by Droplet Measurement Technologies cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) counter (data available on request in originator's format)James Allan et al.Received
Halocarbon concentrations from seawater samples by GCMS and thermal desorption.Charlotte Jones et al.Received
Non-refractory composition (nitrate, sulphate, organic matter and ammonium) of ambient aerosol particles Aerodyne aerosol mass spectrometerJames AllanReceived
Photosynthetic pigments (abundance and distribution) from sea water samples by HPLCBrendan John KeelyData set overdue — was expected 2008-02-01
Phytoplankton counts from sea water samplesBrendan John KeelyData set overdue — was expected 2008-02-01
Ship-borne wave recorder dataGordon McFiggansReceived
Size-resolved atmospheric concentrations of aerosol particles at ambient humidity by differential mobility particle sizer (DMPS) and optical particle counter (OPC)James Allan et al.Received
Size-resolved concentrations of aerosol particles in dry air by differential mobility particle sizer (DMPS)James Allan et al.Received
Solar irradiance intensity by spectral radiometerAnna Marie Hollingsworth and Stephen BallReceived
Underway navigation, meteorological and surface hydrography ship dataGordon McFiggansReceived
Underway surface meteorological parameters from the foremast platform measured by the Autoflux suiteBen I Moat et al.Received


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