Data inventories

Malcolm Hearn, the BODC Laboratory Liaison Officer (LLO) for NOC at Southampton, undertakes regular visits to ensure that data collected by NOC can be identified. This enables them to be gathered, properly managed and curated for long-term use by the public. An inventory of this information is maintained in a relational database.

Our web team is currently working to make this information available online. When implemented, this page will allow the display of data sets associated with a particular project, collection activity, Principal Investigator, or expected date of submission. It will also indicate whether the data have been received by BODC.

A search form will allow you to display information according to your own criteria. In the first instance, the display will be limited to data sets from NOC. However, due to the coordinated approach to marine science, encouraging cross-disciplinary partnership research, you will also have an option to search on data set information from other centres.

In the interim, should you require information concerning the NOC data set inventory, please contact Malcolm Hearn, who will be happy to assist you.

National Oceanography Centre