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     Real time data of the RAPID MOC monitoring array at 26.5°N

Western boundary - Site WB2 #2

Information can be found below about the two types of instrument on this mooring:

A full description of the United Kingdom telemetry system used for this mooring is provided.

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Sea-Bird SBE37 IMP MicroCAT

Sea-Bird SBE37 IMP MicroCAT.
© Sea-Bird SBE37 IMP MicroCAT.

The Sea-Bird SBE37 IMP MicroCAT is a pumped self-logging high-accuracy conductivity, temperature and pressure recorder. It has an inductive modem that communicates with the surface telemetry buoy through half-duplex DPSK (differential phase shift keyed) telemetry.

Every 15 minutes the pump draws a sample of water into the instrument to measure conductivity and temperature. The sample cell contains an anti-biofouling agent that minimises drift in the conductivity by eliminating fouling of the conductivity cell.

For further information about Inductive MicroCATs refer to Sea-Bird Electronics.

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SonTek Argonaut MD

SonTek Argonaut MD.
© SonTek Argonaut MD.

The SonTek Argonaut MD is a single point vector averaging acoustic current meter. It measures current speed in 3 directions to give east, north and upward components of the total flow.

The Argonaut has a built in pressure sensor and internal temperature sensor. However, the accuracy of pressure and temperature measurements can be improved by coupling the Argonaut to a Sea-Bird SBE37 SMP MicroCAT, which also then provides conductivity measurements. SonTek integrated the Seabird Inductive Modem technology into the Argonaut to allow data to be transferred to the telemetry buoy.

For further information about Argonauts refer to SonTek/YSI.

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