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Numerical model data submission

The following provides details for assembling a numerical model data set for submission to BODC. Instructions and general details for transferring other data sets to BODC are also available.

Due to the likely size of the files, BODC does not have a standard approach for receiving numerical model data. Once it has been established that data are suitable for submission, the originator should contact BODC so that the specifics of the file transfer procedure can then be resolved.

Who to contact will vary depending on the nature of your research. Possible candidates are the BODC Liaison Officer for your organisation, the BODC Project Data Manager for your project or the BODC Data Officer.

Standard of data

Numerical model data submissions to BODC should be the output of exemplar simulation runs, which solve a particular research or experimental need, for a particular set of physical circumstances. Presently, BODC can only accept model simulation data from structured grid models. The outcomes generated by the simulation(s) should be of a publishable quality, ideally with journal articles on the simulation(s) in the public domain before data are submitted.

BODC will not take output from simulations carried out as part of model development work, or from test runs carried out to identify good parameterisations to use in a future exemplar run.

If you are unclear as to whether your data meet these criteria, please contact the BODC Liaison Officer for your organisation, the BODC Project Data Manager for your project or the BODC Data Officer.

Format description

Data must be supplied in a compliant Climate and Forecast (CF) netCDF format. NetCDF files can be validated for compliance with the CF conventions using the online tools provided by the British Atmospheric Data Centre (BADC) and the National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS). To ensure compatibility with the SeaDataNet community, BODC also require additional attributes be included in the CF header.

We have provided a description of the BODC CF-compliant netCDF format. This provides information on the metadata attributes that BODC require for each simulation data file. We have also prepared a document to provide some general guidelines on CF attributes Download guidelines in Microsoft Word  (102 KB)  Download guidelines in Adobe PDF (67 KB).

Metadata submission

In order to categorise the simulations and to provide terms for discovery in our model data delivery portal, BODC has prepared a Numerical Model Simulation Questionnaire Download the questionnaire in Microsoft Word  (200 KB)  Download the questionnaire in Adobe PDF (128 KB). This needs to be populated for each simulation. You should also provide details of the metadata information you have placed in the CF header of the files. If you have any queries, please contact us.

Additionally, any documentation you may have that relates to the simulations being submitted is also of use to BODC and should be supplied wherever possible. This would include journal references if they are available.

Finally, a description of the simulations, in a non-technical language, must be provided so that the simulation set-up conditions can be made available to end users of differing technical experience. The description must provide enough detail so that users would have confidence to use your text as a source of information on the model simulations.