Data inventory for cruise RV Knorr KN199-4 (GA03)

The table below is dynamically generated from the British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC) databases and consequently should be up to date. Please report any errors or omissions to .

Data set description Source Status
137Cs, 237Np -CTD-bottle Timothy C Kenna Data set overdue — was expected 2014-01-01
210Po/210Pb (Particulate) -insitu pump Mark Baskaran Received
210Po/210Pb (dissolved)-CTD-bottle Thomas M Church Received
232Th colloids -CTD-bottle Laura F Robinson Data set overdue — was expected 2014-01-01
232Th, 230Th, 231Pa (dissolved) -CTD-bottle Robert F Anderson et al. Received
232Th, 230Th, 231Pa (particulate) -insitu pump Robert F Anderson Received
234Th (Total/Particulate) -CTD/insitu pump Ken Buesseler Received
239Pu, 240Pu -CTD-bottle Timothy C Kenna Data set overdue — was expected 2014-01-01
Ag -CTD-bottle Celine Gallon Data set overdue — was expected 2014-01-01
Al (dissolved)-CTD-bottle Christopher Measures Received
As and alkaline phosphatase activity -FISH Gregory A Cutter Received
CTD data William J Jenkins Received
Co (total and labile)-CTD-bottle Mak A Saito Received
Cu (speciation)-CTD-bottle James Moffett Received
DIC/TA -CTD-bottle Nick R Bates Received
DOC -CTD-bottle Joaquin E Chavez and Charles R McClain Received
Element quotas of individual phytoplankton cells - Fe, C, Si, P, S, Mn, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn Benjamin Twining Received
Fe (II) (dissolved)-CTD-bottle Peter N Sedwick Received
Fe (dissolved)-CTD-bottle -FIA Christopher Measures Received
Fe (soluble) -CTD-bottle Edward A Boyle Received
Fe (speciation)-CTD-bottle Kristen N Buck Received
Fe,Mn,Cu,Cd,Zn (dissolved)-CTD-bottle Jingfeng Wu Received
Fe,Zn,Cd concentration/ isotopes (dissolved 0.2) -CTD-bottle Tim Conway and Seth John Received
Ga,Pb,Ba -CTD-bottle Alan M Shiller Received
Helium, Neon, Helium isotopes -CTD-bottle William J Jenkins Received
Hg (aerosol) Carl Lamborg Received
Hg (particulate)-insitu pump Carl Lamborg and Chad R Hammerschmidt Received
Hg (speciation)-CTD-bottle Carl Lamborg Received
Nd (dissolved and particulate) isotopes -CTD-bottle Torben Stichel Received
NifH genes - CTD-bottle Julie LaRoche Received
Nitrates (d15N-NO3, d18O-NO3)-CTD-bottle Daniel Sigman Received
Nutrients (Nanomolar) -CTD-bottle Gregory A Cutter Received
Nutrients-CTD-bottle James H Swift Received
Os -CTD-bottle Mukul Sharma Data set overdue — was expected 2014-01-01
POC/PON (Particulate)- surface pump Charles R McClain and Joaquin E Chavez Received
Particulate Trace Metals -insitu pumps Phoebe J Lam Received
Particulate trace elements (Cd, Al, Mn, Fe, Co, P, Ti)-CTD-bottle Benjamin Twining Received
Pb (dissolved)-CTD-bottle Edward A Boyle Received
Pb isotopes - CTD-bottle Edward A Boyle Received
Prochlorococcus and Synechococcus populations -CTD-bottle Sallie Penny Chisholm Data set overdue — was expected 2014-01-01
REE (dissolved) -CTD-bottle/ FISH Alan M Shiller and Steve L Goldstein Received
Ra/Th isotopes -insitu pumps Matthew A Charette Received
SPM -insitu pump
Si isotopes -CTD-bottle Mark Brzezinski Received
Trace metal (aerosol, rainwater) Rachel Shelley and William Landing Received
Tritium -CTD-bottle William J Jenkins Received
Y, Cd, La, Pb, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn and Ga -CTD-bottle Kenneth W Bruland Received
Zr,Hf,Nb,Ta -CTD-bottle Kristin Orians Data set overdue — was expected 2014-01-01
delta 15N (NO3) Karen Casciotti and Daniel Sigman Received
delta13C (DIC) -CTD-bottle Paul Quay Received