Cruises associated with GEOTRACES require high standards of data management. To meet these requirements, the cruise Principal Scientist is expected to submit pre-cruise and post-cruise metadata to the GEOTRACES International Data Assembly Centre (GDAC). This information will help the whole GEOTRACES community keep track of up-coming cruises.

Guide to cruise chief scientists

In order to guide cruise leaders who wish to develop a research programme to be designated as a GEOTRACES cruise or compliant data, we recommend the flowchart available for download in PDF form here.

Pre-cruise information

To help GDAC manage sample data all cruises associated with GEOTRACES are required to keep detailed event logs and detailed CTD logs. Example logs are provided; event log, CTD log, underway sample log.

Post-cruise information

After the cruise, the Principal Scientist is required to submit the following to the GDAC

Parameter naming

When submitting cruise metadata or data files please use parameter names from the naming convention provided here.

Data submission

When submitting data to GEOTRACES, scientists are invited to follow the guidelines provided here. Please contact the GEOTRACES Data Assembly Centre team if you require any help before submitting your data.

Additional useful information