Data inventory for cruise RV Pelagia PE374 (GA04N Leg3)

The table below is dynamically generated from the British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC) databases and consequently should be up to date. Please report any errors or omissions to .

Data set description Source Status
Al (dissolved) - CTD bottle - FIA John Rolison Received
CTD data Ruud Groenwegen Received — online data delivery available
Cobalt (dissolved and soluble) - CTD bottle Gabriel Dulaquais Received
DOC/ CDOM - CTD bottle Christina Zeri Received
Fe (dissolved) - CTD bottle - FIA Patrick Laan Received
Fe speciation - CTD-bottle Loes J A Gerringa Data set overdue — was expected 2015-08-01
Nitrate+Nitrite and Phosphate - CTD bottle Matthew D Patey Received
Oxygen -Winkler titrations -CTD-bottle
POC/ PON - CTD bottle Gabriel Dulaquais Received
Phytoplankton Data Nihayet Bizsel Received
Trace Metal and major Ion Input by Aerosols Alex Baker Received
Trace elements (particulate) - CTD bottle Gabriel Dulaquais Received
Trace metals - Mn, Ni, Zn, Y, Cd, La, Ti, Ga, Cu, Co (dissolved) - measured by ICPMS John Rolison Received