Cruises Research ships

Three types of cruise are required to meet the goals set out by the GEOTRACES Science Plan. These are

  1. Section cruises - These will measure all the key parameters listed in the Science Plan over the full depth of the water column. The sections were discussed and approved by the International GEOTRACES Scientific Steering Committee at the basin workshops.
  2. Process Studies - These will investigate a particular process relevant to the cycling of trace metal and isotopes. They must follow the ‘Criteria for Establishing GEOTRACES Process Studies’ and be approved by the International GEOTRACES Scientific Steering Committee.
  3. Cruises collecting GEOTRACES compliant data - These will collect some trace element or isotope data. They must follow the GEOTRACES Intercalibration and Data Management protocols.

Information relating to the cruises, including pre-cruise and post-cruise requirements, metadata forms, the cruise programme, section information and maps and their associated data sets is accessible. To find out more please follow the links below