Data inventory for cruise Aurora Australis au0806 (GIPY6, SR3-GEOTRACES)

The table below is dynamically generated from the British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC) databases and consequently should be up to date. Please report any errors or omissions to .

Data set description Source Status
Al -TMR-bottle Andrew R Bowie and Edward Butler Received
CTD data Mark Rosenberg Received — online data delivery available
Cd (dissolved)-CTD-bottle Edward Butler Received
Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) measurements -CTD-bottle Mark J Warner Received
Co (dissolved)-TMR-bottle Michael Ellwood and Edward Butler Received
Cu (dissolved)-TMR-bottle Edward Butler and Michael Ellwood Received
Fe (dissolved)-TMR-bottle Andrew R Bowie Received
Fe (total dissolvable)-TMR-bottle Andrew R Bowie Received
Fe speciation -TMR-bottle -(CSV) Enitan Ibisanmi Data not expected
Hg -TMR-bottle Daniel Cossa Data set overdue
Labile trace elements (Fe,Mn,Co) Willy Baeyens Data not expected
Mn (dissolved)-TMR-bottle Edward Butler Data not expected
Nd isotopes - CTD bottle Myriam Lambelet and Tina van de Flierdt Received
Ni (dissolved)-TMR-bottle Edward Butler Received
Nutrients, salinity and oxygen -CTD-bottle Mark Rosenberg Received
Pb (dissolved)-TMR-bottle Edward Butler Received
Si isotopes (delta 30 Si) Damien Cardinal Data not expected
Trace Metal and major Ion Input by Aerosols Philip Boyd Data not expected
Zn (dissolved)-TMR-bottle Edward Butler and Michael Ellwood Received