Welcome to CARBON-OPS

CARBON-OPS was a UK project funded under NERC Knowledge Transfer initiative (2007-2009), which aimed to develop an automated supply chain of ocean surface and atmospheric carbon dioxide measurements from selected UK research ships to operational end-users. The measurements and supporting data were sent in near real-time via satellite to Plymouth Marine Laboratory. They were then forwarded daily to the British Oceanographic Data Centre to undergo an initial level of automated quality control and processing and made available to the project partners.

A secondary level of quality control and processing took place at a later date (delayed mode). The end products of this supply chain was used for testing ocean carbon models and to develop environmental indicators of CO2 uptake by the oceans together with the related impacts on global climate, ocean pH and the health of marine ecosystems. [more]

Last data – where were the ships?

A static image of the ships location during the last transmission of data
The location of the ships at their last transmission ©