Surface Ocean - Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS) Project Integration

Implementation products

The primary SOLAS implementation products will be the global distributions of air-sea fluxes for SOLAS-relevant substances. For the duration of SOLAS, these substances have been divided into three groups that correspond to the focus/implementation groups of the SOLAS Science Plan and Implementation Strategy:

  • IMP 1 — Short-lived trace gases and particles
  • IMP 2 — Physical processes controlling air-sea exchange
  • IMP 3 — Long-lived climatically-active gases

Further information is provided under the heading for the relevant compound paragraph for example, Dimethyl Sulphide (DMS) or Carbon dioxide (CO2) in the appropriate IMP group.

If you wish to contribute data to the project, please contact the Project Integrator. Alternatively, contact those people directly responsible for the maintenance of any data set already in existence.

Flux products will be created using concentration fields plus either a transfer velocity (gases) or deposition parameterisation (particles). See IMP 2 for more information.

All contributors will be fully acknowledged for their contribution to global flux products, i.e. co-authorship for each relevant data set and publication(s) arising therefrom.