Surface Ocean - Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS) Project Integration

What's new

  • New Project Integrator (Dr. Shital.Shirsat Rohekar) joins SOLAS office at University of East Anglia in Norwich, UK.
  • Recently, a DMS climatology (L10) has been developed by Lana et al., 2010. [more]
  • An initiative to collate all the available aerosol and rain data into an accessible database has recently begun. All scientists are kindly requested to submit their data to this database. [more]
  • MEMENTO (MarinE MEthane and NiTrous Oxide emissions), an initiative under COST Action 735, aims to collate all oceanic and atmospheric CH4 and N2O emission data. Scientists are kindly requested to contribute their work to this program. [more]
  • Recently, HalOcAT (Halocarbons in the Ocean and Atmosphere, link to Organohalogen under IMP1) a  database project has been initiated by SOLAS Project Integration as part of COST Action 735.  This projects aims to bring together global oceanic and atmospheric halocarbon data, with an emphasis on short-lived brominated and iodinated trace gases from the surface ocean and lower atmosphere. Scientists who are interested in contributing their data to this project please visit the HalOcAT website.
  • A data-usage policy has been created for SOLAS Project Integration. [more]
  • How can you help the SOLAS Project Integrator identify what SOLAS-relevant data exist within the global community, and where it is located? [more]

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