Surface Ocean - Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS) Project Integration

Data policy

Data are made available thanks to the goodwill of the data originators. In the interests of ongoing collaboration, we ask that data users reciprocate this goodwill by abiding by the terms of our data policy. This policy is very simple but we hope it will be effective. If anyone has any comments please do not hesitate to contact the Project Integrator.

SOLAS Project Integration Data Policy

  1. Unflagged data sets are for open access, but users must offer the originator co-authorship. If originators do not wish to be co-authors then they should be referred to in the acknowledgment section of any publication arising.
  2. Other data sets are available from the originator. To obtain them users are requested to contact the originator directly. If permission is granted then the conditions for co-authorship/acknowledgement as in bullet 1 will apply to these data.
  3. In any publication arising from the use of this data, acknowledgement should be given to the British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC).
  4. Data contributed to the project will ONLY be used for research purposes, in particular to derive fluxes and concentration fields.
  5. This policy is ratified by the Chair of SOLAS International and the SOLAS Project Integrator.