Surface Ocean - Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS) Project Integration

Research objectives

The specific research objectives of SOLAS Project Integration are to

  1. Compile all existing SOLAS-relevant data sets into a common framework in a format appropriate for use by climate and air quality modellers.
  2. Intercalibrate and compare different data sets and methods and assess the errors within them.
  3. Compare data products with research users' model outputs.
  4. Facilitate the inclusion of the latest chemical and biological understanding of trace gas production into coupled models used for predicting regional and global climate.
  5. Assist in assessing the role of the oceans in regulating air quality and the atmosphere's oxidising capacity.
  6. Synthesise knowledge of likely changes in air-sea exchange under various global change scenarios, in collaboration with research users.

These objectives are extremely ambitious and can only be achieved on an international scale in partnership with the relevant data centres, end-users and, most importantly, other SOLAS researchers.