Surface Ocean - Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS) Project Integration

Aerosol and rain composition and deposition

Aerosol composition determines the input of atmospheric nutrients to the surface ocean. In the remote marine environment this input can have a significant impact on the biological system. Despite being an active area of research, very few aerosol measurements made over the oceans have been archived in a systematic manner.

A recent initiative under the EU-funded COST Action 735 (details) aims to collate ship-based aerosol measurements on a global scale. Details concerning the type(s) of data of interest, the spreadsheets necessary for submission and instructions for submitting data can be found in the data submission area. Note that this data collation project will adhere to the SOLAS Project Integration Data Policy.

The locations of aerosol and rain data submitted so far, and data from remote island stations can be downloaded by following the links in the tables below. Links to external databases including aerosol data are also given.

Global map showing aerosol data locations

Aerosol data

 Source    Start    End    Location    Download  
Alex Baker 10/10/2000 19/10/2000 Eastern Atlantic ant181_majorions_aerosol.xls
Alex Baker 10/10/2000 19/10/2000 Eastern Atlantic ant181_tracemetals_aerosol.xls
Alex Baker 12/09/2001 23/10/2001 Atlantic jcr-majorions-aerosol-data-cost735.xls
Alex Baker 12/09/2001 23/10/2001 Atlantic jcr-tracemetals-aerosol-data-cost735.xls
Alex Baker 05/10/2002 25/10/2002 Canary Basin pe203_majorions_aerosol.xls
Alex Baker 05/10/2002 25/10/2002 Canary Basin pe203_tracemetals_aerosol.xls
Alex Baker 15/10/2002 14/11/2002 Tropical Atlantic m55-majorions-aerosol-data-cost735.xls
Alex Baker 15/10/2002 14/11/2002 Tropical Atlantic m55-tracemetals-aerosol-data-cost735.xls
Alex Baker 12/05/2003 17/06/2003 Atlantic amt13_aerosol.xls
Alex Baker 10/09/2003 13/10/2003 Atlantic amt14_aerosol.xls
Alex Baker 01/05/2004 16/05/2004 North Atlantic feep_aerosol_data_bodc.xls
Alex Baker 28/04/2004 01/06/2004 Atlantic amt15_aerosol.xls
Alex Baker 17/09/2004 29/10/2004 Atlantic amt17_aerosol.xls
Alex Baker 20/05/2005 29/06/2005 Atlantic ant23_1_aerosol.xls
Alex Baker 17/10/2005 28/11/2005 Atlantic amt12_aerosol.xls
Alex Baker 25/10/2005 14/11/2005 Atlantic amt16_aerosol.xls
Andreas Bollhoefer Feb-1999 Apr-2000 Cape Grim, Tasmania bollhoefer_aerosol_lead_capegrim_1999_2000.xls
Clifton Buck 20/06/2003 08/08/2003 Atlantic aerosol_data_report_clivar_a16n.xls
Clifton Buck 18/06/2004 25/08/2004 Pacific aerosol_data_report_clivar_p02.xls
Clifton Buck 10/01/2005 12/02/2005 Pacific aerosol_data_report_clivar_p16n.xls
Clifton Buck 14/02/2006 29/03/2006 Pacific aerosol_data_report_clivar_p16s.xls
Ying Chen 20/08/2003 11/09/2005 Gulf of Aqaba aerosol_data_aqaba.xls
J.M. Chen 19/09/2007 14/04/2008 Indian Ocean cruise_aerosol_data_from_fudan.xls

Roy Chester


Jul-1972 Various chester_1974_aerosol_trace_metal_various_sites.xls
Roy Chester Sep-1979 Feb-1980 Mediterranean chester_1980_aerosol_mediterranean.xls
Roy Chester 07/10/1979 25/10/1979 Tyrrhenian Sea chester_1984_aerosol_trace_metals_tyrrhenian_sea.xls
Roy Chester Oct-1986 Jun-1987 Arabian Sea chester_1991_aerosol_indianocean_arabiansea.xls
Roy Chester 26/09/1988 01/07/1989 Cap Ferrat chester1999_aerosols_capferrat.xls
Roy Chester Jun-1989 Jun-1989 North Sea chester_aerosols_northsea.xls
Thomas Church 01/08/1988 06/09/1988 NW Atlantic church1988_trace_metals_aerosol.xls
Thomas Church 13/04/1989 08/11/1989 NW Atlantic veron1992_aerosol_trace_metals.xls
Alexandre L. Correia 29/01/1985 29/11/1993 King George Island correia_1985_aerosol.xls
Bob Duce 13/02/1972 26/09/1972 Atlantic Ocean hoffman_duce_aerosol_atlantic1974.xls
Bob Duce 29/06/1967 06/07/1967 California to Hawaii hoffmann_zoller_duce_aerosol_california_hawaii1969.xls
Bob Duce 04/05/1986 30/06/1986 North Pacific patterson_duce_aerosol_north_pacific1986.xls
Bob Duce 21/01/1986 26/05/1988 North Pacific zhuang_duce1986_aerosol_north_pacific.xls
Bob Duce 06/12/1974 08/06/1975 Western North Atlantic graham_duce_phosphorous_aerosol_1982.xls
Francois Dulac 02/10/1983 26/10/1983 Mediterranean dulac_mediterranean_aerosol_1983.xls
M. Ebert 07/10/1996 20/10/1996 North Sea ebert_aerosol_helgoland_2000.xls
Jasna Injuk 21/08/1993 05/11/1993 North Sea injuk_northsea_aerosol_1992_93.xls
Nilgun Kubilay 21/08/1993 05/11/1993 Black Sea kubilay_aerosols_black_sea_1992.xls
Ashwini Kumar 18/04/2006 09/05/2006 Arabian Sea Please contact source to request data
Caroline Leck 14/11/1992 03/01/1993 Eastern Atlantic leck_aerosol_atlantic_1992.xls
Remi Losno 16/09/1988 06/10/1988 Atlantic aerosol_data_atlantic1988.xls
Willy Maenhaut 25/04/1979 06/10/1979 Equatorial Pacific maenhaut_aerosols_equatorial_pacific.xls
Kiyoshi Matsumoto Dec-1994 Jan-1997 NW Pacific matsumoto_aerosol_northwest_pacific_1994_97.xls

Konrad Mueller

14/05/2007 14/06/2007 Cape Verde Please contact source to request data
Konrad Mueller 12/01/2007 28/02/2011 Cape Verde Please contact source to request data
Tokuhiro Nakamura 10/03/2004 16/03/2004 East China Sea, NW Pacific aerosol_kh04_1.xls
Tokuhiro Nakamura 26/09/2002 09/10/2002 East China Sea aerosol_kh02_3_inorganic.xls
Joe Prospero 22/03/1995 10/10/1995 Indian Ocean prospero_indianocean_malcolmbardbridge_aerosol.xls
Joe Prospero 10/01/1996 03/02/1996 Indian Ocean prospero_indianocean_sagarkanya_1996_solas.xls
Joe Prospero 30/12/1996 28/01/1997 Indian Ocean prospero_sagarkanya_indianocean_1997_aerosol.xls
Joe Prospero 21/02/1998 24/03/1998 Indian Ocean prospero_sagarkanya_indianocean_1998_aerosol.xls

Norbert Rädlein

Mar-1989 Mar-1990 Atlantic to Antarctica radlein_1989_aerosols_tracemetals_antarctic_europe.xls
Hans Raemdonck 22/06/1982 07/08/1982 Pacific raemdonck_1986_aerosols_pacific.xls
Motoki SasaKawa 15/07/1998 12/08/1998 Sea of Japan sasakawa_aerosol_sea_of_japan_okhotsk.xls
Dennis Savoie 14/01/1979 01/06/1979 Indian Ocean savoie_1979_aerosol_indian_ocean.xls
Peter Sedwick , Thomas Church 24/07/2003 06/06/2004 Pacific church_sedwick_featmiss_aerosol_data.xls
Shizuo Tsunogai Mar-1981 Jun-1983 NW Pacific tsunogai_aerosol_coastal_sites_1981_83.xls
Shizuo Tsunogai 30/04/1980 10/06/1980 NW Pacific tsunogai_aerosols_nw_pacific_1980.xls
Rene Van Grieken 11/12/1984 16/12/1984 North Sea bruynseels_aerosol_northsea_1988.xls
Aki Virkkula 08/11/1999 08/12/1999 Southern Ocean virkkula_antarctica_1999_bodc.xls
Joachim Voelkening 10/03/1987 17/04/1987 Atlantic voelkening_1990_heavy_metals_atlantic.xls
Thibaut Wagener 23/10/2004 12/12/2004 Tropical Pacific aerosol_data_biosope.xls
Thibaut Wagener 19/01/2005 15/02/2005 Indian Ocean aerosol_data_keops.xls
Thibaut Wagener 20/01/2007 18/02/2007 Southern Ocean aerosol_data_saz_sense.xls
Melanie Witt 08/11/2007 22/11/2007 Indian Ocean witt_aerosol_indian_ocean_2007.xls
Lauren Zamora 11/05/2007 08/03/2010 Miami and Barbados miami_barbados_aerosol_lmz.xls

Rain data

Source Start End Location Download

Alex Baker





Alex Baker





Alex Baker





Alex Baker





Alex Baker





Alex Baker





Alex Baker



Southern Ocean


Roy Chester 05/10/1988 31/05/1989 Cap Ferrat chester_rain_data.xls
Bob Duce 06/04/1986 11/07/1988 North Pacific zhuang_duce1986_rain_north_pacific.xls
Eckard Helmers 18/10/1985 07/11/1990 Atlantic helmers-1985-1990-rain-trace-metal_atlantic.xls
Thomas Church 01/08/1988 06/09/1988 NW Atlantic church1988_trace_metals_rain.xls
Thomas Church 15/04/1989 06/11/1989 NW Atlantic veron1989_trace_metals_rain.xls
Motoki SasaKawa 16/07/1998 26/07/1998 Sea of Japan sasakawa_rain_sea_of_japan_okhotsk.xls
Lauren Zamora 21/03/2007 09/06/2010 Miami and Barbados miami_barbados_rain_lmz.xls

Island station data

We are particularly grateful to Professor Bob Duce and his collaborators for sharing their extensive aerosol database. These data include valuable, clean marine air time series from island stations.

Start End Location Download
Jan-1981 Aug-1981 American Samoa aerosol_trace_metals_american_samoa.xls
09/05/1979 03/08/1979 Enewetak Atoll arimoto_rain_enewetak_atoll.xls
Summer 1975 Bermuda duce_aerosol_bermuda_1976.xls
12/11/1986 09/12/1986 Heligoland kersten_aerosol_trace_metals_heligoland.xls
Apr-1979 Aug-1979 Enewetak Atoll duce_enewetak_atoll_1983.xls
Mar-1974 Oct-1974 Bermuda chen-liqi_duce_aerosol_bermuda.xls
14/06/1983 25/08/1983 Northern Island, New Zealand chen-liqi_aerosol_northern_island_nz.xls

Other Aerosol Databases

Data users may also be interested in aerosol data from the following external databases:

 Database    Description Contact
PMEL Aerosol data from the Atlantic and Indian Oceans in 1999 Prof. Tim Bates
JGOFS Aerosol data from the Arabian Sea in 1995 Dr Neil Tindale
Cap Ferrat Aerosol data from the Cap Ferrat station in the Ligurian Sea Dr Lars-Eric Heimburger
Cape Grim Aerosol data from Cape Grim held by the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation Dr David Cohen
ANSTO aerosol Data and related publications from the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation Dr David Cohen and Mr Armand Atanacio
ACE-1 Data from the Southern Hemisphere Marine Aerosol Characterization Experiment (ACE-1) See web link
ACE-2 Data from the Southern Hemisphere Marine Aerosol Characterization Experiment (ACE-2) See web link
North Sea Project Data from the North Sea Project, hosted by BODC See web link

Implementation Group 1 also examines these other short-lived components:

Dimethyl Sulphide | Organohalogens | Alkyl nitrates | Isoprene | Methanol | Ammonia