Where to find data

Sunset over the Atlantic Ocean after a long day collecting data
Sunset over the Atlantic Ocean after a long day collecting data ©

At BODC, we hold a wealth of publicly accessible marine data collected using a variety of instruments and samplers and collated from many sources. We handle biological, chemical, physical and geophysical data and our databanks contain measurements of nearly 22,000 different oceanographic variables.

Our data policy

We encourage the use of our data holdings for science, education and industry, as well as the wider public. BODC makes data available under a licence agreement. In the case of NERC data the conditions are in line with the NERC Data Policy that formally lays down the conditions under which the data may be used. For data from non-NERC organisations the conditions are broadly similar. These will be explained following a request prior to the delivery of data.

Our data delivery

BODC strives to make our data holdings accessible via our web site. We are currently enhancing our web-based data and metadata delivery capability. However not all of our holdings are accessible at present. If you cannot find the data you require below please contact the BODC Enquiries Officer.

Realtime data

We have also developed and maintain a near realtime web site on behalf of the marine community.