Submit your data

Submission templates

BODC provides metadata templates to encourage data submission.

Metadata template

The metadata template provided is intended to streamline data submission and you are encouraged to provide them with your data file(s) when providing data to BODC. They cover the information that should accompany data to ensure their long-term usefulness and are intended to provide the information to describe the data in the file(s) you submit.

The metadata template has sections for:

  • High level descriptive information about the dataset
  • Specific information about the content of data files provided for both in situ sensor and discrete sample data
  • Specific information about numerical models and associated data
Normally not all sections will be applicable. Some guidance for completing the form is provided in the template. However if you have any issues please contact

The metadata template can also be used as a checklist to ensure all the information required is provided with your data submission.

Samples data submission template

The discrete water sample data template provided is intended to streamline data submissions and ingestion when providing data to BODC. The template helps organise your data and necessary metadata in a format easily ingested into BODC's database.