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A sample of the range of marine data products available from BODC
A sample of the range of marine data products available from BODC ©

BODC has an international reputation for managing data for large-scale scientific projects covering many disciplines and involving a wide range of data types. We have been responsible for collating and checking the data and making them available to a wider audience. Usually at the end of the project a CDROM is produced containing a comprehensive and fully documented final version of the project's data.

We have also developed digital atlas products. The GEBCO Digital Atlas gives global coverage of digital bathymetry data in the form of bathymetric contours and a one minute interval grid. The UK Digital Marine Atlas (UKDMAP) is a reference source for information on the coasts and seas around the UK.

Marine data products available to order include

We have also contributed data sets that have been included in products produced by international science programs. Find out more about these collaborative data products.

As part of our role as a national facility for looking after and supplying data we distribute marine data products on behalf of other organisations. Find out more about these external data products.

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