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BODC Argo DAC Role in the Argo Project

  • has been an active member and strong supporter of the Argo project since it began and is fully committed to helping to maintain the global array of floats providing about 4.5% of the global operational array
  • have a significant impact in developing the integrated service of Argo delivery systems and ocean best practice
  • strongly contributes to collaboration with the end-user of the Argo data community by contributing to the engagement of non-expert users by providing argo software tools, sharing knowledge to improve the quality of global Argo data
  • enhance Argo vocab to handle new technological enhancement, improve interoperability between other DACs, manufacturers of Argo floats and sensors, NVS editors and data monitoring bodies
  • contributes to developing and fulfilling the strategy for strengthening the OneArgo programme (
  • is a crucial supporter to other UK partners (NOC, Met Office) in their daily responsibilities and contribution of provided services, research, development applications and Argo-based products
  • contributing to maintaining and improving the international collaboration of partner institutions responsible for validating all Argo float data in the South Ocean (SO) through careful and rigorous scrutiny delivering Argo data products and helping to coordinate the development of the Argo programme in the Southern Ocean(
UK Argo floats deployment: (left) from the Malizia sailing yacht, (right) NOC research Ship.