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Using this web site

Site styles

Our web site has been designed using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and templates. CSS are a collection of formatting rules which control the appearance of the content on the web page allowing precise control, outside of HTML markup, of page properties such as

By separating the page style from the markup we can simplify and clean up the HTML in our documents, enabling consistent treatment to all our web pages and the control of their appearance in multiple browsers.

How Cascading Style Sheets benefit accessibility

CSS allows users to override author styles which makes our documents more accessible. It is particularly important to users who cannot see pages in our chosen fonts or colour. By applying your user defined style sheet, you may view our documents in your own preferred fonts, text size, colour and spacing.

Selecting different font sizes

The ability to select a different font size has been incorporated into our design. The menu below allows you to select how you wish text to be displayed.

Alternatively, if your browser has been set to ignore font sizes specified on web pages, you may opt to change the font size via your browser toolbar.

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