Portals and links

This page provides coordinated access to themed data across our web site and to further data and information elsewhere on the web.


Often data of a similar type collected during many different projects are scattered across our web site and that of others. Portals provide cross-cutting access to data themes and enable you to easily locate all data, projects and inventories associated with a particular data type.

BODC have developed a sea level portal and are considering further themed portal developments if this proves popular.


The MEDIN web site is a portal to data and information concerning the marine environment. It is run by the Marine Environmental Data and Information Network (MEDIN).

MEDIN is a partnership between public and private sector organisations and government departments. Its aim is to improve the accessibility and availability of UK marine environmental data. MEDIN operates under the Marine Science Coordination Committee (MSCC).


The SeaDataNet web site provides access to data, information, and products derived from in situ oceanographic measurements.

SeaDataNet is a partnership of Pan-European data specialists working to develop and adopt common data standards and technology to ensure interoperability and quality of datasets provided by different data centres


The Centralised European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet) portal provides access to unified European marine data and information products.

EMODnet aims to process data according to international standards, making it feely available and interoperable across seven discipline-based themes which include bathymetry, geology, physics, chemistry, biology, seabed habitats and human activities.

Environmental Data Service

The Environmental Data Service (EDS) is made up of a network of NERC funded data centres, each with their own specific environmental domain. The main goal of the EDS is to ensure environmental data are easily accessible and re-usable to maximise the long-term value of these data.


GEOTRACES is an international programme that aims to improve our understanding of biogeochemical cycles and large-scale distribution of trace elements and their isotopes (TEIs) in the marine environment.


MERMAN holds UK data collected to fulfil the UK’s mandatory monitoring requirements under the Oslo and Paris Convention (OSPAR) Joint Assessments and Monitoring Programme (JAMP).