Portals and links

This page provides coordinated access to themed data across our web site and to further data and information elsewhere on the web.


Often data of a similar type collected during many different projects are scattered across our web site and that of others. Portals provide cross-cutting access to data themes and enable you to easily locate all data, projects and inventories associated with a particular data type.

BODC have developed a sea level portal and are considering further themed portal developments if this proves popular.

Oceanographic links

Our links directory uses modified information obtained from the Open Directory Project. Neither BODC nor NERC implicitly endorse or warranty these sites, their content or their authors. It is your responsibility to make your own decisions about the accuracy, currency, reliability and correctness of information found at the linked sites.


The MEDIN web site is a portal to data and information concerning the marine environment. It is run by the Marine Environmental Data and Information Network (MEDIN).

MEDIN is a partnership between public and private sector organisations and government departments. Its aim is to improve the accessibility and availability of UK marine environmental data. MEDIN operates under the Marine Science Coordination Committee (MSCC).