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Data planning

BODC manages a wide array of projects and data. For each project, BODC require adequate funding to perform data management duties. For all projects, BODC require a data management plan to be agreed in the early stages of the project. This enables BODC to accurately put together costing proposals based on the required level of service, amount of data being generated, and data types. As a NERC Data Centre, BODC will have data management funding for most NERC projects (the NERC/UKRI Call documentation will contain details on whether you will need to cost for Data Management), however for non-NERC funded projects, a project proposal will need to be put together in order to receive funds.

After the data management plans have been agreed, data should be submitted to BODC with proper metadata as soon as datasets have been generated and are in their final format. All data submitters must agree to the data deposit conditions before submitting their data. Please see the pages below for more details.