Submitting data to BODC

Moored ADCP data submission

BODC aims to ensure that all data incorporated into our database are adequately documented to allow long term viability and future access. Therefore, key data set information (metadata) are important for each data set we receive.

Our 'General guide to data submission' provides details of

Information specific to moored ADCP data are described below. Metadata may be supplied in any standard document format (i.e. Microsoft Word or text), included in file headers or by providing a literature reference. Please do not be discouraged from sending us data even if some of the information is unavailable. We fully understand that there are many reasons why the standards specified may not be completely achieved.

An ADCP instrument sheet Download a Mircosoft Word version of the ADCP instrument sheet (55 KB), Download an Adobe PDF version of the ADCP instrument sheet (121 KB) may also be used.

Instructions for other data types are also available.

Data standard

Ideally, data should be presented as a time series of profiles. Each profile should contain date, time, position and numerous records of data, where each record corresponds to a vertical bin in the profile. For each bin there should be the centre depth of the bin, three orthogonal velocity components, percentage good pings, the error velocity, water depth or pressure (if recorded), the echo amplitude for each beam and the average beam correlation (an average of four beams).

All relevant corrections and calibrations should be applied to the data. Data should be checked for quality and pre-edited or flagged for erroneous values.

Metadata specific to moored ADCP data

Deployment details

Instrument details

Mooring details

Data sampling/processing

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