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BODC Cruise Metadata Report for FRV Clupea (74CU) cruise 0504C


This report collates information from the BODC cruise inventory and oceanographic databases. It presents

Cruise Inventory Information

Long name FRV Clupea (74CU) cruise 0504C
Short name 0504C
Objectives and Narrative 1. To investigate variation of sandeel population age structure at different locations on the Wee Bankie and Marr Bank from samples collected using the sandeel dredge.
2. To determine spatial variation in seawater temperature/salinity and chlorophyll across the study area using a Seabird CTD sampler.
3. To investigate potential new sites for sandeel dredging, using the sandeel dredge and day grab in the Firth of Forth.
Ship FRV Clupea
Departure Port Fraserburgh, United Kingdom
Departure Date 2004-03-20
Arrival Port Fraserburgh, United Kingdom
Arrival Date 2004-03-29
Principal Scientist(s) Helen M Fraser (Fisheries Research Services Aberdeen Marine Laboratory)
Responsible Organisation Fisheries Research Services Aberdeen Marine Laboratory
Associated Project(s)
IHB Sea Areas Visited North Sea
Marsden Squares Visited 181;3
Work Area Description Wee Bankie; Marr Bank; Firth of Forth
Work Area Bounding Polygon 55N,5W; 60N,5W; 60N,0E; 55N,0E; 55N,5W
Southern Limit 55N
Northern Limit 60N
Western Limit 5W
Eastern Limit 0E

Cruise Inventory Datasets

Physical oceanography  
CTD stations Quantity: number of profiles = 11
Description: CTD casts (temperature, salinity, fluorometry, transmissometry)  
Biology and fisheries  
Pelagic fish Quantity: number of profiles = 11
Description: Sandeel dredges, sandeel biological data (number, weight, length, age)  
Phytoplankton pigs (eg chlorophyll, fluorescence) Quantity: number of profiles = 11
Description: Chlorophyll samples for fluorometer calibration  
Geology and geophysics  
Grab Quantity: number of samples = 580
Description: Sediment samples taken from each grab  

Cruise Inventory Mooring/Buoy Operations

No information on datasets is currently available

Summary of BODC Data Holdings for the Cruise

National Oceanographic Database


# Series Instrument Description Parameters
11 CTD/STD cast Chlorophyll pigment concentrations in water bodies
Electrical conductivity of the water column
Salinity of the water column
Temperature of the water column
Transmittance and attenuance of the water column
Vertical spatial coordinates

Note: Parameter terms are taken from the BODC Parameter Discovery Vocabulary XML (SKOS)

Full List

BODC Reference Instrument Description Date/Time Location  
650088 CTD/STD cast 2004-03-21 20:30Z 56° 28' N, 1° 44' W Click for more
650107 CTD/STD cast 2004-03-22 20:30Z 56° 3' N, 1° 19' W Click for more
650119 CTD/STD cast 2004-03-23 00:10Z 56° 7' N, 1° 23' W Click for more
650120 CTD/STD cast 2004-03-23 20:34Z 56° 13' N, 2° 3' W Click for more
650132 CTD/STD cast 2004-03-23 23:52Z 56° 14' N, 2° 3' W Click for more
650144 CTD/STD cast 2004-03-24 22:30Z 56° 15' N, 2° 1' W Click for more
650156 CTD/STD cast 2004-03-25 20:35Z 56° 21' N, 1° 42' W Click for more
650168 CTD/STD cast 2004-03-26 01:05Z 56° 20' N, 1° 49' W Click for more
650181 CTD/STD cast 2004-03-26 20:30Z 56° 24' N, 1° 59' W Click for more
650193 CTD/STD cast 2004-03-27 00:38Z 56° 22' N, 1° 51' W Click for more
650200 CTD/STD cast 2004-03-27 20:10Z 56° 25' N, 2° 27' W Click for more

Project Database

No data currently held for this cruise in the BODC Project Database


Track Charts

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Cruise Report