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BODC Cruise Metadata Report for RRS James Clark Ross (74JC) cruise JR20030816 (JR99)


This report collates information from the BODC cruise inventory and oceanographic databases. It presents

Cruise Inventory Information

Long name RRS James Clark Ross (74JC) cruise JR20030816 (JR99)
Short name JR20030816 (JR99)
Objectives and Narrative JR99 was intended as a commissioning, calibration, trials and training cruise between the summer refit and the vessel sailing for the Antarctic. It was an opportunity for the new ITS, ETS and GSD staff to become familiar with the ship-fitted equipment; this necessarily involved carrying out a realistic survey in deep water. Specific objectives included the following:

1. Calibrate the EM120 multibeam echo sounder for pitch and roll.
2. Establish the operational limits of the EM120 and TOPAS sub-bottom profiler in rough water.
3. Check performance of the Simrad Synchronisation Unit (SSU).
4. Test towed magnetometer in stand-alone mode.
5. Review performance of on-board scientific systems and carry out general maintenance.
6. Install and test new version of Scientific Computer System (SCS) software.
Ship RRS James Clark Ross
Departure Port Cork, Ireland
Departure Date 2003-08-16
Arrival Port Immingham, United Kingdom
Arrival Date 2003-08-27
Principal Scientist(s) Carol J Pudsey (British Antarctic Survey)
Responsible Organisation British Antarctic Survey
Associated Project(s)
IHB Sea Areas Visited North Sea, North East Atlantic Ocean (limit 40W)
Marsden Squares Visited
Work Area Description W. Ireland. Off Faroes Islands in area where the original commissioning trials for the multibneam were undertaken. Area to be within 65N, 6W and 64N, 8W.
Work Area Bounding Polygon
Southern Limit unknown
Northern Limit unknown
Western Limit unknown
Eastern Limit unknown

Cruise Inventory Datasets

Physical oceanography  
Bathythermograph Description: A number of XBTs were deployed at points throughout the cruise. No. of deployments not noted.  
Geology and geophysics  
Magnetic measurements Description: A number of magnetometers were towed during the cruise. No. of tows not noted.  
Multi-beam echosounding Quantity: number of surveys = 4
Description: A number of EM120 multibeam echo sounder profiles were made during the cruise.  
Multi-beam echosounding Description: TOPAS profiles were made during the cruise. No. of profiles not noted.  

Cruise Inventory Mooring/Buoy Operations

No information on datasets is currently available

Summary of BODC Data Holdings for the Cruise

National Oceanographic Database


# Series Instrument Description Parameters
1 Multi-beam echosounder Bathymetry and Elevation
Horizontal spatial co-ordinates
Reference numbers

Note: Parameter terms are taken from the BODC Parameter Discovery Vocabulary XML (SKOS)

Full List

BODC Reference Instrument Description Date/Time Location  
1030275 Multi-beam echosounder 2003-08-21 12:00Z Click for more

Project Database

No data currently held for this cruise in the BODC Project Database


Track Charts

Track Chart


Cruise Report